Article: How to start your business while working a full-time job

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How to start your business while working a full-time job

Last year I worked with over a hundred start up businesses – 95 had other jobs.
How many survived to year two ?!


Article: Do You Tell Yourself These Common Entrepreneur Lies?

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Do You Tell Yourself These Common Entrepreneur Lies?

Strangely enough had a conversation today whilst discussing sales and marketing for start up businesses.

What is your opinion – activity equals results ?

Afresh Solutions Limited open for business 7th July 2014

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Although there will be an obvious business aspect to the site – the aim is to help support the start up scene in the North East of England. As more and more people are taking the decision to start a business for various reasons – redundancy, long term unemployment, a degree but no suitable roles and the ‘entrepreneur’. The Government are supporting start ups via Start Up Loans and the NEA (New Enterprise Allowance). Local agencies and training organisations are providing pre-business courses predominantly through ERDF monies.

Unfortunately I have seen a lot struggle because they have had little support post set up. Therefore they struggle with sales and subsequently cash flow.

Personally I feel more should be done to raise awareness and promote the potential benefits of mentors, business clubs and networking.

What do you think – do you have a story to tell ? 

Work / Life Balance – Start Up or Corporate ?

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Which path have you taken ?